Why B2B companies need SEO during the current crisis?

YRSK | Published: 18-01-21
Gone are those days, when you could forecast the best business practices for your company, the pandemic has changed it all. As B2B owners we’re habituated with stability and steadiness, but now they’ll require to change their marketing tactics more than ever.

The world is currently facing a global health crisis. No one knows what the future has in store for us. It might seem, that in times of crisis or downturns cutting down marketing budgets could be the sole best solution. It doesn’t have to be like this.

Well, every B2B business needs to set up a crisis recovery plan that will help them to operate amidst the crisis, and marketing when done right, can actually earn you a lucrative benefit. One of the ways to do is to increase your dependency on revenue generation from online business. Invest in SEO and see the change that it brings.

Here are five reasons why B2B companies need SEO during the current global crisis:

1. It is the right time to plan for your SEO marketing

If you already have digital programs running, make sure they aren’t outdated. Perhaps, it’s time for you to look for ways to put your audience first, by sending them sensitive messages, using compassionate tone. 

You may have had trade shows or face to face meetings that got cancelled due to the pandemic. Or you might have a product launch that you had to put on hold. If you have a service, that’s marketing activities have been disrupted, it’s time to adjust your mindset and evaluate your marketing strategy and channels using SEO. 

Right SEO helps to rank the B2B companies in the search engines. The survey revealed that almost 65% of advertisers have felt there will be an increased focus on media during this crisis. This makes SEO an automatic choice for B2B marketers.  

2. Move your brand online through digital & online marketing 

There’s a lot of B2B business who’s still reliant on tradeshows and traditional marketing that necessitates people to be in person, that’s where the largest marketing budget is needed. And that’s the reason why some of the B2B business is cutting down their marketing budget. According to a study, with companies estimated to slash their ad budgets, the industry could gain nearly $26 billion in lost shares or 10.6% decline in sales. 

But for the companies going digital, are quickly making their sales online through digital marketing. If you’re still wondering what could you do to keep your B2B business afloat, you’re not alone. 

So, even if you aren’t prepared for an in-person event, hosting an online web conference or interactive session could prove to be really helpful for your audience in these crucial times. 

3. Increase the efficiency of your remote workers using SEO platforms

Could you have ever imagined having an organization without any employees in it? Probably not! But now that everyone is locked indoor, it’s time for business to flow with the new normal. Yes, that’s possible using SEO platforms. If you want to manage your team remotely as effectively as you manage them in office, then using the SEO platforms rightly is your final call. According to a survey, 43% of business in the U.S have already worked remotely and saved almost $10 million yearly. What’s the mystery? The only to enable your remote working on a much wider scale is going digital.

4. Reap your SEO rewards through brand recall ability 

Believe it or not, but SEO is indeed helping all businesses to survive this COVID-19 crisis. For most of you, search engine optimization may seem like an afterthought! It’s strange isn’t it, even Google says you to hire an SEO strategy before you plan to launch your site. Now, why does Google say that? That’s probably because search isn’t a topping, that you can use to decorate your site rather it’s the main ingredient. How?

SEO is all about enhancing user experience, and because Google is more concerned with speed, quality content and website design. The so-called is a hoax that can save your B2B business in building your brand recall capability. This will promote instant brand recall, that you use when the pandemic is finally over. Doing, so will not just help you surge ahead but reap out the long term’s benefits of SEO marketing. 

5. SEO done rightly can increase the value of your Content

Do you want to drive your ranking on Google and search engines? SEO is the ultimate call, that’ll help you skyrocket your rankings without any hard work. Indeed, you could keep writing and curating more contents but that’s not going to help. 

If you’re already creating content online, SEO can certainly help to enhance the value of every content that you’ve already produced. Some initial consideration for this could be:

  • Keyword: On the initial search users may make a broad required, while others may search for detailed keywords to meet their needs.
  • Content-type: You need to understand what your audience wants from you, what they might be looking for.
  • User intent: Google algorithms are smart enough now, that they know keywords are of no use, without a user’s intent. So, it’s better if you create content that answers the query behind the keyword.

Final Call

When you are using SEO for quite some time, you know what type of optimization suits your company or business. There are several SEO platforms all over the internet and choosing the right one for your business is surely a tough thing to do! Certainly, it’s time for B2B firms to decide properly which platform to choose for establishing a proper SEO strategy!