Tips On Optimising B2B Landing Page To Get High Lead

YRSK | Published: 18-01-21
Is the landing page conversion rate keeping you awake at night? Boosting conversion rate isn’t as easy as it seems. When it comes to B2B landing pages, you should consider offering benefits over features and show how you can solve the pain points of your customers. In this article, you will get to know more about 5 elements that landing pages must have and 7 tips that can literally persuade your potential customers.

5 Must-have Elements of A Landing Page That Converts

A landing page helps you differentiate yourself from your competitors. And, to do that successfully, you must add these 5 elements to your landing page.

How Are You Different Than Your Competitors?

A landing page is your opportunity to convince the visitors that you are better than your competitors. To do that, your entire story on the landing page should revolve around what differentiates you. While you can add the USP to your hero text, you can substantiate that by adding supporting arguments at different parts of the landing page.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Adding a photo or video in the first fold of your landing page helps your leads to visualize the problem that they are facing. The image you use must be a contextual representation of how your offer is going to solve the pain points of your customers.

Show Them The Benefits

No one wants to read features. And, that’s why you need to say the benefits out aloud. As you give your customers a comprehensive idea about the benefits that you offer, chances are higher that they will opt in for the service. To nail this, customer research and understanding their pain points is crucial.

Prove That You Are Helping Other Customers

A social proof goes a long way when it comes to B2B lead conversion. By showing how you are helping your other customers, you actually tell your leads that they could get the same benefit by opting for your product or services.

Say What You Want to Offer

One of the best practices that winning landing pages follow is showing the exact offer that the leads will get. Poorly written call-to-actions are a waste of time. That’s why, it is important for you to write the CTA in such a manner so that it reflects what your customers will get. 

7 Tips That Winning Landing Pages Follow

 A Crystal Clear Value Proposition: After landing on your landing page, leads shouldn’t have to spend too much time to interpret your message. A clear value proposition helps you overcome this challenge. Inform the leads about your offerings and how they can be useful in a concise manner.

A Visible Call-to-action Text: A call-to-action text is what persuades leads to take the desired action. Your CTA text should reflect what your users will get after signing up. Some of the best examples of CTA texts include Get your free trial now, Book a demo, Get a free consultation, etc. Also, be mindful about the placement of the CTA button. 

Frictionless Forms: Landing pages often come with forms to capture the email addresses of the leads. Add sufficient amount of white space in these forms to help the leads focus on filling the form instead of exploring the surrounding design. Also, keep the number of fields to a bare minimum. 

Choose Your Words Wisely: Using power words is an advice that copywriters often receive from the business owners. What works in reality is a combination of right words, right sentences, and right formats. 

Do Split Testing: Things that work for others might not work for you. And, that’s why you can resort to split testing. For example, you can create two different versions of your landing page and see which one is working better. And, you can further optimize the one that is doing well.

Add Trust Indicators: A high-converting landing page comes with trust indicators such as clientele logos, reviews, awards & certifications, etc. All these help you convince the leads that you are credible and have the necessary expertise.

Create Scannable Pages: Can you look at your own landing page and scan it one go? No lead is going to read through the copy. Well, some of them might. But, most of them are trying to see if you can solve their problems. That’s why it is important to create a design that is easily scannable.

Above all, your landing page should be relevant and targeted. As you incorporate these tips in your B2B landing page, you will be able to attract the lead and persuade them to give you their email addresses. Once you have these email addresses, it is time for you to send relevant and useful content to nurture them.