LinkedIn – A Sales and Marketing Tool B2B Companies Cannot Ignore

YRSK | Published: 23-03-21
A professional networking website, LinkedIn has grown to become an effective marketing tool for B2B marketers. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn helps businesses reach at one common place, enhance their network connectivity, increase brand awareness and generate leads. When other social media platforms are not effective in generating B2B leads, LinkedIn scores with about 97 percent of business generation leads. Here are a few reasons why B2B companies can hardly avoid this social media tool.

  • LinkedIn Helps Connect with the Right People

For any business, LinkedIn proves to be the appropriate social media platform to connect related people. When it helps you request to connect with known people, it is essential to choose the connections strategically to build a strong LinkedIn network. Research shows that about 45 percent users of the site are decision makers. For instance, you can find that most executives from leading multinational companies are members in LinkedIn and they visit as many as 42 pages every month and make business decisions.

  • It Creates Brand Awareness

If your objectives of having your presence in social media is to increase your reach to a maximum number of people and have most of them engage with your content, then LinkedIn can help you attain these objectives by targeting the right people using organic content. You can do this by sharing content in the form of articles, blogs and posts and build brand awareness. With LinkedIn, you have several tools to join relevant business groups, start your own group, share your ideas with others and let know your business, product and brand to everyone.

  • Gives Opportunities to Convert Lead Generation Pages

Leads don’t get created just like that; instead, you need to convert your webpage into such that it intentionally generates leads. For that, you need to design your business webpage in such a way to help you convert into leads, which is visiting your website and going through the company description or any latest updates. According to Hubspot, about 41 percent of the marketers using LinkedIn have claimed to have generated leads successfully.

You can also try generating leads by answering to the questions in the forums. However, you need to search for the keywords that match with those of your product or service offerings. The questions in the forum are raised by members and by answering those questions, you can connect with prospects and convert them to sales. The questions discussed can also be posted in the LinkedIn groups to connect the target audience. Where there are any blogs or posts related to the questions, you can provide the links in the discussion forums and groups.

  • Helps Do Professional Networking

LinkedIn stands tall when it comes to professional networking. With millions of people across 200 countries using it, the tool allows them to have great professional relationships by sharing their experience. The LinkedIn marketing allows you to do networking in your convenient time. You don’t have to spend much money and time travelling or calling people; instead, you can network on LinkedIn by:

  • Connecting with the known group for they already know you.
  • Develop relationship with people whom you are not in touch for a while. LinkedIn is the best platform to reconnect them by ‘liking’ their post or answering to their questions if it is related to your business
  • Connect with people whom you don’t know through a personalized message. Here, you can tell them that you are interested in their posts, or your industries are aligned, or you can answer to their questions
  • Connect with the leads from the events such as conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, etc.
  • Provide recommendations or endorsements
  • Compliment people in the group on anniversaries, milestones, and so on
  • Start your own group and attain recognition and leadership in the industry
  • Create and Publish Content

What else you can do other than using the LinkedIn’s content publishing platform if you are good in all the above ones. The tool offers you chances to convert the outbound marketing strategy to the inbound one. You can tell the related groups what you can offer through creating and publishing great content. Publishing articles will help build leads, while answering to a prospective client’s question will give you new opportunities to increase sales.

  • Use It to Link with Twitter

LinkedIn allows you to integrate with Twitter and help you increase your presence in both the social media sites. By having a ‘Buzz’ widget in the LinkedIn, you get real-time updates of the discussions targeting the companies and keywords on Twitter in the LinkedIn.

Being a sales and marketing tool, LinkedIn offer enough opportunities that B2B marketers can hardly ignore.