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8 Strategies to Drive More Traffic to Your B2B Website

A successful B2B marketing asks for an effective inbound marketing strategy, which focuses on buyers undergoing a different buying cycle, involving a formalized decision-making process. The B2B buyers engage in a lot of research to find their suitable product or service. In the initial stage, they are unaware of your company or products or services. Being a successful B2B company, your objective is to create an awareness and an understanding of who your target buyers are.

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Key Elements of a Winning B2B Brand Strategy

For any B2B business, a brand strategy is a crucial factor for a long-term success. If meticulously devised considering several aspects such as your product, niche, market, competitors and customers, it becomes a strong brand strategy. Unlike that of B2C, a B2B brand strategy is more of science than art for the branding audience are generally decision-makers, who look for facts and figures and are logic-oriented.

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Does Retargeting Work for B2B Businesses?

Retargeting as a business process is gaining much significance and it is presumed that B2B businesses try this marketing practice to bring back the visitors to their website; thus increasing the opportunity to sell. Why do B2B businesses resort to retargeting? The prime reason is owing to the fact that only 8 percent or less than that of visitors to your website convert or buy your product or service.

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Why Inside Sales Is Needed in the B2B Industry?

Inside sales is gaining much prominence today and it is no more making calls and fixing appointments with the prospective buyers and handing over the meeting to the field sales team. Instead, inside sales carries out all the steps of sales process and is growing faster than the conventional sales models.

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Is Your Sales and Marketing Team Targeting the Right Audience?

Anyone obviously knows that to hit a dart board, he or she has to aim. You need to hit the board to score and if your shot hits the bull’s eye, you become successful. Similarly, a B2B organization should have its sales and marketing personnel aim to appeal to the right audience to drive traffic to increase sales. This is possible only if you could define what the right or target audience is?

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5 Smart Ways to Increase Your Business’ Online Visibility

The traditional ways of doing business are still in a state of limbo across the world, as we are far from restoring normalcy. If we particularly talk about B2B businesses, which thrive on in-person communications and public events such as trade shows and promotional events, it has been a tough going.

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10 Instagram Marketing Tips for MSMEs

Social media has turned out to be the most important platform for building brand awareness and acquiring new customers and for this reason, most businesses, including micro, medium and small enterprises (MSMEs) spend much money on social channels like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

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Challenges Faced by Small and Medium Enterprises in India Due to COVID-19

With Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) sector contributing significantly to the economic growth of the country, its importance can never be undervalued looking at the employment, manufacturing and export opportunities it offers. Called the “engine of growth”, SMEs in India are about 43 million in number and comprises manufacturing, packaging, food processing, chemicals, infrastructure, service and IT. They contribute about 8 percent of the GDP, while it is about 45 percent and 40 percent of total manufacturing and exports respectively.

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How Voice Search Is Changing B2B Marketing?

The growing popularity of voice search technology like ‘Now’, ‘Alexa’ and ‘Cortana’ of Google, Amazon and Microsoft respectively has a significant influence on search trends, with statistics showing over 20 percent of searches carried out on mobile phones are by using voice.

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How Much Time Your Sales Team Does Pre-Sales Work?

As the economy restart; generating new business and increasing sales in the high priority. Companies are looking for new ways to develop their business, but they ignore the presales process, which leads to poor conversion despite generating leads through strenuous effort.