What is sales ready Leads?

As the name itself means ‘Sales ready Leads’ are those leads that are ripe and giving some opportunity of sales.

‘Lead’ travels a journey and on each step leads intensity and maturity levels are different. Sales Ready leads are advance steps of lead generation process.

Why we are the preferred lead generation partner?

Excellent data mining and validation skills

Complete transparency of the data collection process

Precise scrutinisation to deliver quality leads that convert

Direct lead to the key decision-makers of the company

YRSK has been generating many types of leads in system. One of these leads are SRL that are accepted by big and mid-level corporates. As these kinds of leads save lots of effort of Pre-sales and marketing team of any corporate. Now a days many of these companies outsource it with Agency like YRSK Marketing or else because companies save resources in terms of people and concentrate only on deliverables. These leads are passed to their sales team to get it to final conclusion .

The term sales-ready lead can be found in many places, but it’s difficult to find a correct definition. A raw inquiry does not constitute a sales-ready lead. A raw inquiry is someone who has shown only a minimal level of interest in what you offer. He or she may have responded to an outbound lead generation campaign or visited your website and filled out a registration form, but that’s it. The problems caused when marketing passes raw inquiries to sales have been widely discussed in the demand generation literature, so I won’t repeat them here. Sales ready is also not equivalent to ready to buy.

Sales ready leads are particular person or an organization who has shown an interest and also have authority to buy a product or service.

We connect with prospects and follow the “BANT” approach to generate SRL (Sales Ready Leads). BANT typically means:

Budget: Do they have enough amount to spend on the services?

Authority: Are they the decision maker to purchase the service?

Need: Do they have need of certain services or product?

Time: Specific timeline to purchase the product (e.g. Down the line 6 months)


Companies nowadays do not want to invest their time on the leads which has very low potential. YRSK provides a customized approach to these companies to make sure their sales team stays in the field attending sales qualified leads, where we come to know about client’s target markets, target audience, target people, target level in organization.

One of the most important requirements for an effective B2B demand generation system is a clear understanding of who constitutes a sales-ready lead. Describing who is a sales-ready lead is the essential starting point for defining the roles and aligning the work of marketing and sales.

Our Engagement does not stop just here. YRSK also takes responsibility to nurture the leads for future market. It support clients integrated marketing plan and entire pre-sales activities, that help its sales team in recognizing brand and companies through its offerings.

If you see the statistics by HBR, Sales ready leads may vary 1%-2% in B2B Market scenario and upto 5% in B2C Market . At YRSK we understand core market / B2B Market under different verticals like core engineering, Consulting, Finance, Banking, Export – Import, Logistics and many more, where we have been giving Sales ready leads.

We boast of passing 30000+ Sales ready leads for big & medium corporates in last 6 years. Many multinationals under different verticals have been taking our services.

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