Lead Qualification

As you all know that most of the B2B companies get a lot of irrelevant leads from various sources.

No one likes to talk to an unqualified lead. It’s a waste of time and money and it can kill morale. Launch’s expert team produces qualified sales leads for your team so that they spend their time only talking to interested decision makers by discovering qualified sales leads and bringing them to your business.

YRSK has a very sophisticated approach towards responding each and every web-generated lead in real time. YRSK qualifies the lead based on several criteria as mentioned below:

Geographical Location: Whether the prospect is situated at client’s sales or service location

Decision Maker: whether the person inquired about the product or service has the authority to influence the purchase / make the decision of the purchase?

Budget: whether the prospect can afford the product/services

Timeline: whether the requirement is in the time specified by client or if it’s a future requirement.

Need: Can client provide the product/service the prospect desires?

Order Value: Does the prospect’s requirement match the minimum order value of client?

YRSK provides a comprehensive solution to tackle these problems. YRSK will attend the lead on a real time basis and also nurture the leads for future requirements.


Want to improve your inside sales team’s revenue and productivity? One of the best ways you can achieve fast growth is by better qualifying your leads. When your sales executives are head over heels talking to unsuitable prospects, it’s wasting of time that they could be spending closing deals and moving valuable leads through your funnel. By quickly and efficiently qualifying inbound sales leads, you can improve productivity and ensure that salespeople are selling to suitable leads.

Novice sales executives often assume that if a lead is contacting them, they must be qualified. But there are a number of reasons why this might not be the case.

From our experience working with our customers, here is how we can help your reps do a much better job of in closing deals.

We Identify Your Qualified Customer Profile

As inbound leads come in, we quickly ascertain whether they’re suitable. We identify if they are the right business size? Do they have compatible technology? Do they have the right business case? Is there budget? Etc.

Depending on what you sell, there are any number of reasons that a lead might not be qualified for sales. Perhaps they aren’t interested in buying enough licenses, lack budget or simply don’t want to make change in the right time frame. It’s important to identify what your customer profile looks like.

We Choose the Right Qualifying Questions

After identifying your customer profile, we ask some questions that your sales executives usually asks to determine leads’ suitability. These questions may often extend beyond BANT (Budget, Authority, Needs, and Timeline). We also identify their compatibility with client’s solution to materialize the lead faster.

It’s important to understand which qualification questions are relevant to each buyer. They can be based on a lead’s referral source, buyer persona or other factors. While the qualification questions we ask prospects will vary depending on a number of factors and also on the client’s requirements.

We Deliver On Time

These generated leads then go through an inspection from our own quality team to nullify any errors that they may have. And only the sales ready leads are passed on to the client for further action on a daily basis.

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