Appointment Setting

Appointment setting with Prospects!! who doesn’t want it?

But why anyone will give you appointment out of a busy schedule? What interest you are holding for the prospect? Why they will give their precious time to an unknown person?

—– All these questions come to our mind.

‘Appointment setting’ the last milestone of multiple stages of pre-sales activities. Many leads can’t pass the entire journey. It means there are leads, prospect want it or explore it but due to time constraints, he/ She does not want to do it .

No matter what B2B industry you are in, it is important that you personally keep in touch your prospects. Despite all the advances in technologies, it is actually getting more difficult nowadays to communicate and send your message across because of many distractions.

There is one way to keep your presence in the marketplace alive and that is through B2B appointment setting.

What is B2B appointment setting?

It is a type of service that involves the setting up of appointments between a business and a potential prospect.

B2B appointment setting has given many businesses the boost they need by providing an effective way to communicate their ideas. Here is how we do it. YRSK researches the database of the prospective buyers for in the client’s industry. Then, YRSK will generate lead from thereon, it is the job of the sales team to make sure that the client will agree to the deal. That is that the client will buy the product or avail of the service. In short, the service provider acts as a matchmaker between two businesses.

B2B appointment setting plays a very important role in boosting the sales of businesses. This is the reason why even big companies are investing in this relatively new kind of business service. The return of investment is huge. Many would actually go as far as to say that businesses who do not use B2B appointment setting services are leaving money on the table.

If your prospects are C-suite, middle level management or anyone in the organization, it can get difficult to connect with them for your sales needs.

YRSK’s marketing team uses a combination of research techniques, probing skills with continuous follow-ups to nurture pre-qualified leads and get an appointment for sales team to work on and pitch for a demo.

We strive to deliver genuine value and act as an extended team. Our value is based on the following approaches:

Job role based targeting to reduce

Appointments cool of time of 3 months i.e. Appointments are unique to the advertiser for 3 months

Pitch directly to the decision makers, influencers or users

Install base targeting

Create/ramp your own inside sales team on a monthly retainer model

YRSK’s Approach towards Appointment Setting:

YRSK marketing is amongst few companies in India, who understand your Inside sales need. Who understand your business and activities before committing it. We have been working in Core engineering, Banking, IT, Solar and many other segments through different department and different level of people.

We have facilitated more than 15000 ‘Appointments’ and ‘Tele- Conference’ for our clients and count is still on.

We are willing to help corporates in different area of Appointment setting. It reduces their resources by ½ for certainly and bring a better ROI for any company.

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