6 Books Must-Read for a B2B Marketer

YRSK | Published: 18-01-21
Did you always think that you need to be born genius to ace B2B marketing? Well, not really. Learning from others’ mistakes is certainly a path worth exploring. And, the best part – you get to put yourself in their shoe and think about what you would have done. But how do you do that? By reading books. That’s why we have curated top 6 B2B marketing books that can make you a better marketer.

1. Storm the Norm by Anisha Motwani

Did you always want to know about brands that took the business world by storm by rewriting the norms? This is for you then. In this book, brand and innovation expert Anisha Motwani shares inspiring stories from brands like Tata, Idea, Honda Motors, Mahindra, Ford, PVR, MakeMyTrip, and so on. For instance, she highlights about MTR (Mavalli Tiffin Room) that started out as a small restaurant serving Udupi cuisine in Karnataka that expanded to chain of restaurants to now serving ready to eat food items across the world. They innovated even before the word innovation became big in the industry. Also, the journey of how PVR changed the conventional approach of watching movies to a comfortable multiplex experience has a thing or two to teach.


2.Marketing Unplugged by Suman Srivastava

Keen to learn techniques that can help you build a marketing strategy? Go, get yourself the Marketing Unplugged which provides you with insights to create your marketing plan from scratch. In this book, Suman, founder and innovation artist at Marketing Unplugged unravels the nitty-gritty of what is lost amidst techniques and data analysis. Innovation and result – oriented are part of at the heart of what Suman teaches. It gives a new spin to marketing breaking some of the stereotypes and removing redundant style that are stalling your business. It is one of the books you must gift everyone you know who is marketing and be ready to receive many gratitude notes!


3. Full Funnel Marketing by Matt Heinz

Are you struggling with the bottom of the funnel? Matt takes you on a journey filled with insights so that you become capable of generating leads and impacting revenues. Get yourself a bunch of tactical approaches that can help you accelerate the velocity of your sales pipeline. Matt’s funnel include awareness, consideration and conversion. In these three steps you can easily find the solution for all your marketing needs. Idea is to capture attention and generate interest at awareness stage; followed by getting people to think about your products over the competition and lead them to take an encouraged action at conversion stage.


4. The Big Data-Driven Business by Russell Glass and Sean Callahan

Want to play with data to gain an advantage? Data lies at the heart of B2B marketing, and that’s why you should consider this as a must-read. Russell and Sean take you through how big data has transformed business scenarios for companies like Apple, Blackberry, etc. This is undoubtedly the best guide on big data that marketers could ever ask for.


5. Impossible to Ignore by Carmen Simon

This one is really impossible to ignore! Carmen, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, shares the secret recipe of being remembered by your audience. She breaks down the entire mystery of psychology so that you can create content that lasts forever and is impossible to ignore. You also get to have a three-step plan along with case studies and real-life examples.


6. 30 Second Thrillers by K V Sridhar

Want to know what goes inside the head of a creative director while creating advertisements? That’s what you precisely get from the 30 Second Thrillers by K V Sridhar. It comes loaded with a number of interviews of creative heads as well as directors who talk about the entire process of creating really popular ads that you have ever seen. 

Landing leads and closing them are the toughest challenge that a B2B marketer can ever face. These books come with the power to unveil what you couldn’t see otherwise. Starting from big data to creativity to psychology, this is the ultimate book list you will ever need as a B2B marketer.